Advantix Flea & Tick Control For Dogs

One treatment prevents further tick infestation for four weeks (two weeks for paralysis ticks Ixodes holocyclus). Ticks are repelled and/or killed. Ticks already on the dog at time of treatment will be killed but remain attached and visible. Treatment with Advantix should start before the first expected exposure to ticks. Advantix must be applied at two-week intervals for control of paralysis ticks. Application at one month intervals will control brown dog ticks and bush ticks. 

Flea control and prevention:

Advantix has been shown to kill adult and larval fleas within 20 minutes of contact by absorption via the flea intersegmental membranes. Stops fleas from feeding in three to five minutes. Fleas are not required to bite the animal to receive a lethal dose. The successive feeding activity of fleas on pets may elicit a hypersensitivity skin disorder known as flea allergy dermatitis. Treatment of pets with Advantix rapidly kills fleas and reduces the incidence of this condition. Advantix may be used as the only product for flea control as it breaks the life cycle and kills fleas emerging from the environment to reinfest the dog. More rapid resolution of heavy environmental infestations may be obtained by additional environmental control measures using a suitable registered product. It is recommended that all dogs in the same environment should be protected by Advantix for Dogs and all cats with Advantage or Advocate for Cats. 

Mosquito and midge control:

One treatment of Advantix provides repellent and killing activity against mosquitoes and sandflies for four weeks, thus reducing irritation and the risk of disease transmission.