Revolution Flea & Heartworm Control For Cats


Revolution is the safe, simple way to protect your dog or cat from harmful parasites. One simple touch protects your dog or cat against fleas, heartworm and other harmful parasites.  

– The only topical that protects dogs and cats against a wide range of both internal and external parasites.  
– Apply Revolution just once a month.  
– Unsurpassed safety for pets and their owners.  
– Waterfast within 2 hours of treatment.  

For Cats REVOLUTION – is the most complete parasite protection in a convenient monthly spot-on.

* Internal & external protection for cats against: 
– Three stages of the flea (adult, eggs & larvae) 
– Intestinal worms 
– Ear mites 
– Heartworm  
* Waterproof after just two hours.  
* Approved for use on kittens as young as six weeks.  
* Excellent safety profile  

For Dogs REVOLUTION – is the most complete flea and heartworm protection.  
Dual protection from fleas and heartworm in a convenient monthly spot-on.

* Internal and external protection for dogs against:  
– Three stages of the flea (adult, eggs & larvae) 
– Heartworms 
– Ear mites 
– Sarcoptic mange  
* Waterproof after just two hours for dogs that like swimming or need bathing.  
* Approved for use on puppies as young as six weeks.  

Why do I need parasite protection for my pet?

Parasites aren’t just a nuisance – they are a real threat to you and your pet. Heartworm disease can be caused by a single mosquito bite and can kill both cats and dogs. And fleas make your pet uncomfortable and cause flea allergy dermatitis, the most common skin allergy in dogs and cats. Fleas also transmit tapeworm to dogs and cats, not to mention the trouble a flea infestation can cause you. 

Are parasites in my pet a risk to me?

Parasites like hookworms and roundworms can be transmitted to humans and cause a variety of health problems, including nausea, neurological problems, and even blindness. 

What makes Revolution the preferred parasite control product?

Revolution is the first and only topical treatment to protect against a wide range of both external and internal parasites in dogs and cats. That’s what makes it so revolutionary. 

In the past, you needed multiple treatments that were difficult to remember, hard to use, and stressful for you and your pet. 

And, unlike some other treatments, Revolution won’t keep you and your pet apart. 

Please note: This product cannot be shipped to the United States.

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