Advocate Flea, Heartworm & Worming Control For Dogs

Advocate – the most complete parasite protection for dogs and cats.

Just one simple monthly application
Advocate kills more kinds of parasites in dogs and cats than any other all-in-one topical product. With one easy monthly application, Advocate eliminates fleas and flea larvae, heartworm, hookworm, roundworm and ear mites. Advocate for dogs also kills whipworm, mange mites and lice. By giving your pet the most complete parasite protection, Advocate gives you peace of mind.

Easy application makes protecting your pet simple

Advocate comes in convenient pipettes. All you need do is squeeze it onto your pet’s skin, as directed, once a month. 

Fast, effective flea control
Fleas are one of the most common problems for dogs and cats, and they’re more than just an annoyance. When fleas bite your pet, they suck out blood, causing intense irritation and itching. This can lead to Flea Allergy Dermatitis. Monthly use of Advocate gets fleas under control and keeps them under control. 

– Stops fleas from feeding within 3-5 minutes. 
– Kills both adult and larval fleas within 20 minutes of contact. 
– Kills 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours of first application. 
– Kills fleas that jump onto the pet later, within one hour. 
– Breaks the flea life cycle by killing flea larvae as well as adult fleas. 
– Reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis. 

Prevent deadly Heartworm
Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and are found throughout Australia. Heartworm infection is serious and can be fatal. With monthly use, Advocate prevents heartworm infection in both dogs and cats.  

Eliminate gastro-intestinal worms
Gastro-intestinal worms can affect dogs, cats and humans. Advocate is extremely effective – with up to 100% elimination of hookworms, whipworms and roundworms – after a single dose.  
Advocate kills adult, immature, and larval stages of the worms, thus preventing new infections from establishing that can affect both your pets and your family.

Treat and prevent Ear Mites
The ear mite is usually found in the external ear canal, causing intense irritation. Advocate is highly effective against ear mites as a single dose. Monthly application of Advocate will control any subsequent ear mite infestation. 

Wipe out Sarcoptic Mange
Sarcoptic mange is a highly irritating and debilitating skin disease caused by sarcoptic mites. Advocate has been shown to eliminate 100% of sarcoptic mites (Sarcoptes scabiei) after a single dose. Monthly application of Advocate will control any subsequent sarcoptic mite infestation.  

Treat and control Demodicosis
Demodectic mites can cause generalised Demodectic mange, a potentially debilitating skin condition in dogs which often results in widespread skin lesions. Advocate, applied at monthly intervals for two to four treatments, is highly effective in treating this potentially disfiguring condition. 

Get lice under control
Lice can cause severe itching in dogs, but Advocate controls these blood-sucking parasites.  
Continues working on wet dogs
Advocate remains effective for a full month, even if your dog goes swimming, gets caught in the rain, or is bathed and shampooed during that time. Advocate can be applied as soon as your pet is dry after swimming or bathing. 

Works from the outside in, to protect inside and out
Imidacloprid and Moxidectin are the well-known active ingredients in Advocate. Imidacloprid spreads over your pet to act against fleas and lice. Moxidectin is absorbed into your pet’s bloodstream where it controls internal parasites and mites. 

Wide safety margin for your pet and for you
Advocate is safe for use on puppies from 7 weeks and kittens from 9 weeks of age.  
Advocate can be safely administered to heartworm positive dogs and cats. However, before using it, it is recommended that dogs and cats be tested for existing heartworm infections.  
Reassuringly, Advocate not only has a wide safety margin for cats and dogs, but also for their owners. 

Please note: This product cannot be shipped to the United States.